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Bershka, owned by Inditex, is a sister brand of the Spanish fast fashion brand, ZARA. In 1998, Bershka was established by Inditex. Serving for youth market, Bershka scores its success relying on its young, cutting-edge, and street design styles. Today, Bershka owns 321 outlets in 17 countries around the world, including those in Middle East markets. As a Spanish brand for youths with street fashions, it is dominated by the “sexy concept”. While driving fashions, leisure wears of Bershka is burning passions of youths to their maximum degree. With big and spacious shops as well as its avant-garde shop appearance, Bershka aims at meet needs of street fashions, music and arts. In Bershka shops, users can watch videos, CD or read magazines. Shopping experience in Bershka marks a new age where social culture is immersed into youth aesthetics.

  • Opening Hours:10:00-21:30

  • Tel:024-31085779

  • Store location:D101