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VERO MODA is a well-known dress brand for ladies, owned by the largest fashion group in Denmark, BESTSELLER. Since its foundation in 1987, VERO MODA has been committing itself to present elegant fashions for modern ladies all over the world; it always represents the cutting-edge fashion trends and clothing making techniques of its times. Today, VERO MODA has distributed its sales outlets in 45 countries. In 2001, VERO MODA was formally hit Chinese market, and has opened more than 1800 ships in China since then. Dominated by the style of elegance, VERO MODA is offering independent urban ladies with diversified collocation choices. Whether they are retro dresses in 1960s, oversized coats in 1990s, or classical jeans with strong personality, VERO MODA keeps turning hot T-stage fashion to daily wear with exquisite elegance and practical style in each season, so as to meet multi-choice demand of modern ladies.

  • Opening Hours:10:00-21:30

  • Tel:024-31085851

  • Store location:D111- D112