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OMI is a renowned Chinese brand of ladies’ bags, one of the best-performed retailers in China bags industry, and a powerful core brand of Fujian OMI Investment Co., Ltd. Developed from the first shop in 1995, the current 300-shop OMI company is running dozens of bag brands, including the most powerful OMI. As the leader of fast-fashion bag industry, OMI has proved to be a model of profitable brands. Rising at a staggering speed in fashionable bag industry, OMI edged itself into the list of the most valuable Chinese bag brands in 2015. Planned to expand 1000 chain stores, OMI is having in-depth research on inner demand of consumers for all consumers to purchase high cost-effective products conveniently. This best interprets the reason why OMI’s mode of profitable brand wins great success.

  • Opening Hours:10:00-21:30

  • Tel:024-25255235

  • Store location:F103